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Wash Basin in room

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Key Features of Wash Basin in room

rn Milagrow Humantech is a company that is focusing on providing rnstate-of-the-art intelligent robots that can offer round the clock rnassistance which will help replace domestic help. These robots will be rnable to perform a variety of functions that will make life easier, safer and economical. The Milagrow Redhawk Vacuum Cleaner is one such robot that performs multiple tasks to ensure your home is clean by the time you get back from work.

The Milagrow Redhawk Vacuum Cleaner is classified as a robotic vacuum cleaner that can deal with both dry and wet surfaces. The Redhawk is a bag-less model that has a 1 litre dust binrn to store the dirt it collects. The average power consumption for this rnrobot is about 45 to 60 W. The suction power ranges from 10 to 15 W rndepending on the intensity of cleaning required. This battery operated rnRedhawk uses 6 different modes to clean effectively with minimal noise.

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